About Us

The Huntingdon County Conservation District was organized to provide for the conservation of soil and water resources, assist in watershed protection and flood prevention, preserve woodland and wildlife, protect public lands, preserve the tax base, and to protect and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the people. We have proudly served Huntingdon County since July 28, 1955.

Our Staff:    

celina    Celina Seftas
    District Manager
    Phone: (814)-627-1626 ext. 3024

  Celina Seftas started as the Watershed Specialist for the
  Conservation District in 2008 and as the District Manager in 2015. 
  She is responsible for overseeing all staff and programs and administering
  the Agricultural Land Preservation Program. She is also on the Board of
  Directors for the Pennsylvania Envirothon. Celina grew up in
  Huntingdon County and has always wanted to work in the outdoors. She
  enjoys the collaborative and project-oriented nature of working at the
  Conservation District and helping others learn more about the local
  environment. Celina attended Huntingdon Area High School and earned
  a B.S. in Environmental Science from Juniata College. In 2012, she
  earned Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful's Presidents Award for her work
  in the county. Celina and her family enjoy kayaking, camping, gardening,
  and hiking.




   Sherri Law
   Dirt & Gravel Roads & Low-Volume Roads Technician
   Phone: (814)-627-1626 ext. 3015

  Sherri started as the Dirt and Gravel Roads Technician for the
  Huntingdon County Conservation District in October 2017. She
  administers the Dirt, Gravel, and Low Volume Road program, which
  provides funding for Townships to increase the quality of their
  dirt, gravel, and low volume roads while reducing erosion to streams.
  She is originally from south eastern Pennsylvania and moved to
  Huntingdon County in 2012 as a student at Juniata College. In 2016,
  she graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Science. She continues
  to live in Huntingdon and is happy to be working to improve the roads
  and streams in the area. Her hobbies include hiking with her
  Australian cattle dog Samantha, biking, and crocheting.



taylor   Taylor Clark
   Erosion & Sedimentation Resource Technician
   Phone: (814)-627-1626 ext. 3015

  Since August 2017, Taylor has been operating the District’s DEP-
  delegated Chapter 102 programs. These include review of Erosion
  and Sedimentation Control (E&S) plans and National Pollutant
  Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit applications. Taylor
  conducts routine inspections, investigates public complaints, and
  provides technical support for earthmoving projects. Industrial
  development, home building, road construction, utility lines, logging,
  stream restoration, and more are covered by this program. Taylor plans
  to use these experiences to expand her skills in communication
  between environmental stakeholders. Taylor grew up on a farm in
  southeastern York County and graduated with a B.S. in environmental
  science from Juniata College. Currently she lives in Southern Huntingdon
  and tries to ride horses as much as she can without having her own,
  which proves to be challenging.Taylor enjoys gardening, experimental
  cooking, and spending time with her family.


Jonathan    Jonathan Yoder 
    Chesapeake Bay/ Nutrient Management Technician
    Phone: (814)-627-1626 ext. 3022

Jonathan started working for the district as the Nutrient Management and Chesapeake Bay Specialist in November 2018.  He will be working with agricultural producers administering Chesapeake Bay projects, writing manure management plans, reviewing Act 38 plans, and working with compliance issues through the county.  In December 2016 he graduated from Frostburg State University with a degree in Wildlife Biology.  Jonathan and his wife Echo reside in Bedford County where they live and operate a beef and specialty crop farm growing pumpkins and berries.  Jonathan grew up working on his family dairy farm.  He enjoys hunting, farming and working on his classic truck with his dog Mack.

logan     Logan Stenger
     Watershed Specialist/ Keep Huntingdon County Beautiful Coordinator 
     Phone: (814)-627-1626 ext. 3021

  Logan joined the Huntingdon County Conservation District
  as the Watershed Specialist in October 2018. He is responsible for
  monitoring and improving the health of Huntingdon County’s waterways
  through regular water quality testing and stream/riparian restoration
  efforts. He also provides educational programs and acts as the Keep
  HuntingdonCounty Beautiful Coordinator and Envirothon Coordinator.
  Originally from Mifflinburg, PA (Union County), Logan graduated from
  Juniata College in May 2018 with a B.S. in Environmental Science
  with a primary focus infisheries management and aquatic ecology.
  Logan’s passions include hunting, trapping, fishing, kayaking,
  herpetology(especially vernal pool ecosystems), and spending
  time with his family.









District Directors:

board members

Clockwise from bottom right: Andrew Harpster, Russell Kyper (Vice Chairperson), Tyler Snider, Dennis Johnson, Michael Mowrer, Jeff Thomas (Chairperson), James Weikert (Treasurer)

The Huntingdon County Conservation District has seven directors who serve on our board. Their duties include:

  • Identifying local conservation needs
    • Developing, implementing, evaluating strategic plan to meet those needs
  • Developing vision and mission
  • Setting goals & priorities
  • Hiring staff to carry out programs/plans
  • Voting on approving/objecting to agreements such as grants, delegation agreements from the state, and other contracts

District directors serve four year terms. Our board represents our county, and is always composed of farmer members, public members, and a member of County Governing Body. Board meetings are typically held on the first Thursday of every month at 8AM and are open to the public.