Best Management Practices (BMPs)


HCCD uses Best Management Practices (BMPs) to improve the health of watersheds in Huntingdon County. We implement these with permission from landowners. We often work with our partners, such as NRCS, PA Fish & Boat, Trout Unlimited and Western Pennsylvania Conservancy to secure partial or complete funding for these projects. These BMPs often aim to reduce the input of nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, and sediment into our streams. These inputs pose both environmental and public health risks.

Juniata River



Current Opportunities

HCCD is currently pursuing funding for establishing Riparian Buffers (trees and shrubs) along streams within Huntingdon County through DCNR's Stream Releaf Program. If this interests you, please contact the Watershed Specialist.

HCCD hosts Live-Staking Workshops each spring. Volunteers cut stems from living woody species like red-osier dogwood to later plant at a demonstration site. Site locations will be in, or near, Huntingdon, PA. Please contact the Watershed Specialist to RSVP or for more information. See below for a video explaining the process.

BMPs in Huntingdon County

stream restoration in progress

An installed fence excludes cattle, enabling a riparian buffer to grow


Examples of BMPs

  • Live Staking


  • Riparian Buffers