Abandoned Mine Drainage (AMD)

Abandoned Mine Drainage 

AMD 1Huntingdon County is affected by the remnants of historical mining operations including surface mining, deep mining, and coal refuse piles. These operations are often classified as Acid Mine Drainage (AMD). AMD sites contaminate local waterways by leaching harmful chemicals into the surrounding land. These chemicals often interfere in natural biological cycles by changing waterways' pH levels and increasing the levels of dissolved metals. The acid and metals can be toxic to aquatic insects, fish, and other life in the stream.

AMD 2Thankfully, only a few streams in Huntingdon County are affected by AMD including Shoup Run and Miller Run in the Broad Top area. The Shoup’s Run Watershed Association has worked to restore these streams by installing passive treatment systems throughout the watershed. At the district, the Watershed Specialist partners with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to continue monitoring these waterways for correct treatment. Anyone with concerns about AMD should contact our  Watershed Specialist, Stacia-Fe Gillen.

 For more information about how AMD impacts local streams and the restoration work that  has been completed, please refer to the Coldwater Heritage Conservation Plan for Miller Run

 If you’d like to explore Pennsylvania streams affected by AMD or other pollutants, please go here.
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