Who is KHCB?

Keep Huntingdon County Beautiful (KHCB) is a community-action program sponsored by the Huntingdon County Conservation District (HCCD) and is the local affiliate for Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful. While the majority of this program’s work is done by volunteers during the events, the HCCD staff conducts the day-to-day business of the program, including grant writing and event organization. Two of the more popular events hosted by KHCB include the Juniata River Cleanup and the Tire War Recycling Challenge, however, have also included shoe recycling, habitat restoration, local dump and roadside cleanups, and educational programs.


Juniata River Cleanup

The annual Juniata River Cleanup is part of a larger, 4-county JR Cleanupevent targeting the Juniata River through a series of cleanups in Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, and Huntingdon counties. Each year, volunteers canoe, kayak, or boat a stretch of the Juniata River while collecting and removing trash and tires. With the conclusion of the 7th Annual Juniata River Cleanup in 2019, KHCB has now successfully removed a total of 43,000 pounds of trash and 687 tires from the Juniata River in seven years of hosting this event! This entire event is made possible by grants from the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies through the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds. 


Tire War Recycling Challenge

The annual Tire War RecyclingTire War Challenge is a friendly, 4-county competition established to encourage local residents to properly dispose of their tires instead of polluting our land and streams. The winner of the “Gold Rim Award” is decided on which affiliate can collect and recycle the most tires. In 2019, KHCB won the event by collecting 1,962 tires. Adding in the tires collected by the other competing counties – Mifflin County 350 tires, Juniata County 1,068 tires, and Perry County 702 tires – the event totaled 4,082 tires! This entire event is made possible by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Household/Small Business Hazardous Waste Collection Program.


Illegal Dump Cleanups/Surveillance Support Program

Illegal dumping is a statewide concern that affects both urban and rural areas. In addition to contaminating our soil, surface and groundwater supplies, illegal dumps are unsightly and negatively impact property values. Over the years, KHCB has hosted multiple dumpsite cleanups throughout the county. However, cleanups often provide a temporary solution and can be expensive, averaging $3,000 per site. While KHCB is not an enforcement agency, we are a strong advocate for ethical waste disposal. If you would like to report an illegal dump, please contact the HCCD Watershed Specialist.

KHCB is pleased to announce that Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful’s (KPB) Surveillance Support Program offers free technical assistance to local communities, municipalities, and property owners to enhance enforcement efforts. KPB’s surveillance camera package is easy-to-use and is a cost-effective way to monitor and gather evidence of illegal dumping. To date, this program has already contributed to successful prosecutions in multiple counties throughout the state. To learn more, visit https://illegaldumpfreepa.org/surveillance-camera-loan-program-grant-online-application/.


Join Us

If you’d like to volunteer, or learn about upcoming events, please contact our Watershed Specialist. Or, check out upcoming events and event recaps on our Facebook page!

Juniata River Cleanup Juniata River Cleanup volunteers remove trash from the river.

Before and after dump siteAn illegal dumpsite before and after an organized cleanup.

Juniata River Cleanup Juniata River cleanup volunteers remove over 5 tons of trash every year!


Huge tire from tire wars Volunteers help to recycle tires at the annual Tire Wars event in September.