Volunteer with KHCB

Who We Are

HCCD works in our communities to improve our watersheds, especially through volunteer-led initiatives. Most of our volunteer events are run through our chapter of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful, called Keep Huntingdon County Beautiful. Keep Huntingdon County Beautiful (KHCB) evolved from PA Cleanways of Huntingdon County, which was founded in 1999. We are community members motivated to improve land and waters in our county and who aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty!

What We Do

We endeavor to keep Huntingdon County beautiful through volunteer service. We  host several popular annual events including the Juniata River Cleanup, the Huntingdon County Tire Wars, and the Mount Union Map Turtle Habitat Cleanup & Restoration. Additionally, we implement other litter and dump cleanups, invasive plant species removal parties,tree plantings, and more. Please look below to see how much fun we have and what a difference we make!

Join Us

If you’d like to volunteer for, or learn about upcoming events, please contact our Watershed Specialist to be added to the emailing list. Or, check out upcoming events on our facebook page.

Juniata River Cleanup Juniata River Cleanup volunteers remove trash from the river

Before and after dump site A dumpsite before and after an organized cleanup

Juniata River Cleanup Juniata River cleanup volunteers remove over 5 tons of trash every year!

Huge tire from tire wars Volunteers help to recycle tires at the annual Tire Wars event in September