PA DEP eMaps

If you’d like to explore Pennsylvania streams that are 303(d)-listed (impaired for agriculture, grazing, or AMD reasons) please go here:

  • Deselect all layers but “Streams and Water Resources”.
  • Then deselect all layers but “Water Quality”.
  • Then deselect all layers but “Non Attaining Streams”.
  • The impaired streams will appear red on your screen.
  • You can gather more information by clicking the identify tool and then clicking a red (impaired) stream.


USGS StreamStats

To delineate watersheds for local streams, please go here:

  • Zoom in and select "Pennsylvania".
  • Zoom in to the stream of interest.
  • Select the "Delineate" tool and select the point closest to the mouth of the stream. The watershed includes everything upstream of the point you select.
  • Select continue after the watershed has been delineated.
  • Select flow characteristics of interest (you have to select at least one), then press continue.
  • Once this has loaded, select continue and you can now view the watershed data and build a report.


PFBC Trout Map

If you'd like to explore Pennsylvania streams that are listed as Class A Trout, Stocked Trout, Natural Reproduction Trout, and more, please go here:

  • Once you open the map, select the layer you wish to view on the left (Ex. Class A Trout Streams).